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  • FD Beef Liver Powder 500g

  • FD Beef Liver Powder 500g

  • FD Beef Liver Powder 500g

  • FD Beef Liver Powder 500g

FD Beef Liver Powder 500g

Freeze Dried Beef Liver Powder 500g

Beef liver is rich in vitamin A and B. The liver also contains vitamin C, which is not found in meat, and trace element selenium, which can enhance the immunity of pets. Giving pets beef liver makes their hair smoother. Ranova freeze-dried pet food is made in strict accordance with human food standards, with carefully selected raw materials from quality farms and advanced vacuum freeze-drying process.

Freeze-drying technology, full name is vacuum freeze-drying technology, which can lock up the nutrients in food materials and retain the original taste of raw materials, and make raw materials taste crispy and delicious, with good palatability. After freeze-drying, it can be stored more easily and its shelf life can be extended. During the freeze-drying process, the appearance and structure of raw materials are not easy to be destroyed, and the product is easy to be digested and absorbed.


Global Certifications

Apart from being established as a prestigious brand in China, Ranova has also won global recognitions, such as FDA registration, the EU registration, CFIA certification, ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC certification, BSCI certification, etc.


100% Beef Liver

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein≥60%

Crude Fat≥10%

Crude Fiber≤1%

Crude Ash≤6%


Product Features:

Made of pure and natural raw materials, edible even for human beings

Made of meat only, without any additives, excellent palatability

Fresh and easy to digest and absorb

Highly nutritious: its protein content is far more than other treats

Sterilization through pasteurization and irradiation offers a guarantee for pets’ health

Freeze-drying technology ensures long shelf life, no preservatives are needed


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