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About Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Jan. 31, 2021

We know that all of these different processes for making dog food can be confusing, but that's why we're talking about them. The freeze-drying time is not long. It has been used in food for less than 100 years. Freeze-dried dog food is dried dog food. When food begins to freeze, all the water in the food is in the form of ice.

Then it goes into a vacuum freeze dryer at a very low temperature. At this point, the ice in the food turns to water vapor (this is called "sublimation"), and the frozen food turns dry. After a few hours, the food is ready to serve without melting. It is ready to be bagged and shipped as-is.

This is different from dehydrated dog food (also dry dog food). These foods are dried in low calories for a short period of time from birth to remove moisture.

When you purchase food, you simply need to rehydrate the food to make it full again and feed it to your dog. Therefore, these two methods are completely extreme ways to remove water from food.

The end result of the two processes is similar, although many people believe that freeze-dried dog food allows the food to better retain its original condition.

Freeze-drying does not change the cellular composition of the food, as dehydration does due to its low-calorie content. Moreover, freeze-drying seems to retain more of the food's original nutrients than dehydration.

If you prefer a dry dog food with "original" quality, then freeze-drying should be your choice as this process changes the original composition less than the dehydration process.

For many people, a freeze-dried raw diet is a simpler version of feeding a primitive diet.

People often prefer freeze-dried foods because of their high protein content. However, one thing you must pay attention to is the percentage of fat in your food. Many of these foods are high in fat. This may not be agreed with some dogs.

Even if your dog likes fat and has no trouble digesting it, he may gain extra weight quickly, so be aware of it and adjust your diet accordingly.

There are many good reasons to consider a freeze-dried diet for your dog. If you want to know how your dog reacts to these foods, you can buy samples from some companies.

Is freeze-dried food healthy for dogs?

Raw freeze-dried dog food is still raw dog food. Cooked foods may be safer for people with compromised immune functions. Some dogs digest cooked food better. Having said that, freeze-dried dog foods may not seem as raw as original frozen or fresh food, but it's important to understand that they're actually uncooked.

Is freeze-dried dog food as good as raw dog food?

Because of the lack of moisture, the freeze-dried product is more concentrated, but in fact, it is still the same exact product, with the same kilocalories. It's a good idea to rehydrate your freeze-dried formula, especially if it's a staple of your pet's diet.

Which freeze-dried or dehydrated dog food is better?

Freeze-drying retains more nutrients than dehydration because proteins, vitamins, and minerals are left intact by freezing before drying. The process of air-drying food is similar to dehydration, but it produces nutrient-rich food that is readily available.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

How long does the freeze-dried dog food last after opening?

1-3 weeks. In general, most freeze-dried dog manufacturers recommend using open packaging within one to three weeks of opening - treating leftover food as if it were fresh.


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