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The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Food: Why do Dog Love It?

Jul. 24, 2020

Freeze-Dried ChickenMany advantages of feeding your dog with freeze-dried canine snacks include:

High-quality ingredients.

Freeze-dried pet food is usually made from an impressive variety of ingredients, including muscles, organs, and crushed bones (some also include freeze-dried fruits and vegetables). Most don’t have artificial additives.

Unprocessed diet options.

Many freeze-dried breeders began to do that rather than providing a primitive diet. Collecting and preparing raw food can be difficult and laborious, and regular handling of raw meat is a serious and unnecessary risk for most families.

Long shelf life.

In addition, freeze-dried foods often have a long shelf life, which makes it easy to store for emergency use. For example, if you find yourself snowed in for a week, or if you live in a hurricane-prone area and the grocery store shelves empty every time a storm threatens, you don't want to run out of dog food.

Dogs just love freeze-dried pet food.

In fact, some people treat them as healthy food (regardless of their high-calorie content). Besides, most dogs find freeze-dried foods delicious enough to make their mouths water.  Note that some dogs produce much less waste when they switch to a freeze-dried diet because they usually contain less fiber than typical rough-ground foods. More food is converted into new tissue and energy.

What are the disadvantages of Ranova pet snacks?

The biggest problem with freeze-dried foods (and dehydrated foods) is their price -- every product on the market is much more expensive than dry (boiled) foods.

However, it's important to remember that most dehydrated foods inflate by a factor of 3-5 after rehydration, so don't throw out this option just because the package is small.

Because freeze-dried dog food is expensive, many dog owners end up using freeze-dried dog food as a "reward", to be eaten with more affordable alternatives. Please note that some manufacturers discourage that, so be sure to consult feeding instructions before using foods in this manner.

What is the difference between dehydrated food and freeze-dried pet treats?

While lyophilized and dehydrated foods are roughly similar products, consisting of raw foods with most of the water removed, they do differ in several key respects.

Dehydrated Food

In the case of dehydrated foods, simply leave them in a low-calorie environment for a long time and the water will be removed from the food.

This is similar to many people who make jerky and dehydrated fruit at home. In this process, the water starts as a liquid, becomes a gas, and then slowly evaporates from the food. The use of heat is noteworthy because it tends to cause some structural changes in the food. Whether this will have a negative impact on the nutrition of the food is not clear, but raw food lovers often see this as an important distinction.

Freeze-Dried Food

In contrast, Freeze-dried dog foods are not heated at any time during production. The freeze-drying process begins with frozen food, which is placed in large machines to lower the atmospheric pressure around the food. This allows the water to sublimate (convert directly from ice to gas) and disperse from the food.

That means freeze-dried foods are not cooked at all -- a fact that many raw feeders appreciate. In addition, because the structure of the food remained basically intact (except for contraction), the nutrition remained the same as before.

Best dehydrated dog food and completely raw foods

Dog owners will also want to know the difference between freeze-dried and raw dog food. Most freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are made from raw meat, and meat used in dehydrated foods is technically "cooked" because it is exposed to high temperatures during production.

However, as part of the freeze-drying and dehydration process, dehydration makes it possible to safely store these foods without refrigeration. Bacteria need water, so by removing most of the water from food, they're less likely to spoil.

So while freeze-dried raw dog food and dehydrated raw dog food are often similar to typical dog food (some are more like a bag of raw oats), completely raw dog food requires the same packaging as raw meat you buy at the grocery store -- they're essentially the same. All of this means that you cannot store completely unprocessed dog food without refrigeration, and even with refrigeration, these types of unprocessed foods can only remain safe for a limited period of time. Therefore, there are not many commercially produced raw foods on the market, and those that can be bought will be sold in the freezer section of your local pet store.

Be aware that you need to develop good hygiene when handling raw meat. Be careful to avoid cross-contamination and always wash your hands with soap and water after washing.

How do you choose good freeze-dried food?

Best-lyophilized foods are characterized by high levels of omega fatty acids. The most common ingredients include salmon and flaxseed, as well as various vegetable oils, fish oils, and fish food.

Most freeze-dried raw dog food is made up mainly of meat and minerals, but many of the best diets include fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and fiber. The most common examples include cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, spinach, parsley, and carrots.

While this is rarely a problem when looking for dog snacks, be sure to avoid any foods that contain artificial colors, flavors, or additives.

Avoid low quality, economical products just to save some money. Price is always an important consideration when buying expensive, high-quality dog food. Cheap frozen food, however, is dangerous; One-way manufacturers can cut costs is through cheaper packaging -- if the packaging doesn't stay sealed, moisture can seep in, allowing bacteria to grow.

If you are ready to try freeze-dried food for your puppies, please consider using our frozen dog food.

Freeze-dried Chicken

Freeze-dried Chicken is a direct freeze-dried dog food that provides the most nutrients from a limited number of ingredients. Most dogs find freeze-dried superfoods very tasty because they contain tasty fats.

Features: Chewy

Organic, all-natural foods provide your dog with the nutrients it needs.

Contains no grains, fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors.

The high protein content can help keep your dog healthy, and some owners have reported that their dog's coat condition has improved after eating it.


Like all other dehydrated dog food, most owners complain that the product is overpriced. In addition, some owners were disappointed that the recipe did not contain any fruit or vegetables.


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