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About Keeping Dogs: Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food Good for Dogs?

1. Can dogs eat pure freeze-dried dog food for a long time?

Dogs can eat freeze-dried food for a long time, but the amount of feeding should be focused. The protein in freeze-dried food is relatively rich, and it also contains a certain amount of trace elements, amino acids, etc., which is good for the dog's health.

2. Is freeze-dried dog food good for dogs?

(1) It can supplement protein for dogs.

The raw materials of freeze-dried food are pure meat, chicken breast pieces, duck meat, etc. During the production of freeze-dried food, it is frozen at -36 degrees Celsius, so the original flavor of the meat can be preserved, which is more delicious and attractive for dogs.

Compared with other dog treats, dog owners can feel relieved to feed freeze-dried food. And because pure freeze-dried dog food is pure meat, the protein content is relatively high. When dogs eat it, they can gain a lot of protein, so that dogs can grow stronger.

(2) It arouses the appetite of dogs

Dogs who eat single dry dog food for a long time sometimes refuse to eat it. In this case, freeze-dried food comes in handy. The dog owner can grind the freeze-dried food into powder, and then sprinkle it evenly on the dog food, mix it well and feed it to the dog.

In this way, the taste of pure freeze-dried dog food is released, and the dog can't refuse it. The dog will eat the dog food cleanly, and it also arouses the appetite of dogs and dogs will be excited every time they eat.

(3) Pay attention to the selection of freeze-dried food

Most of the freeze-dried food is vacuum-frozen with fresh ingredients. It is a relatively common dog food, but there are also some malicious merchants selling bad-quality products.

Some merchants put the logo of imported products on the packaging for the sake of profit, but the dog food they sell is some relatively inferior products, so it is hard to say what problems the dogs will encounter when eating.

Therefore, dog owners should pay attention to the packaging of freeze-dried food when choosing, check the production date and shelf life, and whether the manufacturers of freeze-dried food are regular.

Dog owners don't have to choose products from other countries when purchasing. China's freeze-dried food products are also relatively good. Interested dog owners can stock up more at home, so they can feed their dogs more conveniently.

(4) It is convenient to feed pure freeze-dried dog food to dogs

Freeze-dried meat is relatively hard, and the feeding method depends on the physical condition of the dog. If the dog is healthy, the teeth are great, and the gastrointestinal development is great after it is three months or more, dog owners can directly feed the dog on freeze dried meat.

Freeze-dried meat is relatively small, and it is usually packed in jars, so dog owners can just take it out when they feed the dog.

If the dog's teeth are not very good, the dog owner can also soak the pure freeze-dried dog food in warm water before giving it to the dog. In this way, the freeze-dried food will be soft, and will not hurt the dog's mouth when the dog's teeth are not in a good condition.

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