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How to Make Dog Dry Food Taste Better?

1. What should be mixed with dry dog food?

Try to mix wet and dog dry food, and make your dog get used to eating the dry one. If your dog used to only eat wet dog food and now you want it to eat dog dry food most of the time, then this method is much more helpful.

Don't replace all wet dog food with dog dry food at once, and if you're not sure if your dog can eat dog dry food, ask your veterinarian first.

Because the proportion of dog dry food is gradually increased, the dog will not feel what the food changed instantly. When eating wet dog food, food debris can get stuck between your dog's teeth, but eating dog dry food can help remove the food debris.

2. Soften dry food with warm water

Some dogs just don't like dog dry food because it is dry and hard. Some dogs have bad teeth and get a toothache when they eat dry food. You can add 1/4 cup of warm water to each cup of kibble to make it more palatable.

The dog food soaked in warm water can be taken to the dog immediately, and the taste is like drinking coarse-grain soup. You can also let dog dry food absorb the water completely and turn it into a paste. The soaking time depends on the size of the dog food, but it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes to soften.

3. Pour low-sodium broth into dog dry food

Chicken, beef, or concentrated stock like bisque can all be used to make the broth simply. If using solid stock concentrates, make sure the product packaging says "low sodium".

The aroma of the broth can make freeze dog dry food more palatable. About 1/8 cup of broth in a bowl is enough, too much salt can overload your dog's kidneys, so don't add other solids and seasonings to dog dry food.

4. Add eggs to dog dry food

Adding eggs is the easiest and quickest way to make a nutritional and tasteful change in dog dry food. And eggs are also good for your dog's skin and fur. Scrambled, hard-boiled, or hard-boiled eggs can all be mixed with dog dry food.

In addition to being rich in protein, eggs also contain amino acids and fatty acids that are essential for good health. There is no need to add salt or butter when cooking eggs. If you add hard-boiled eggs, be sure to remove the shells first.

5. Mix diced vegetables or fruits with dog dry food

Carrots, green beans, apples, bananas, blueberries, etc. can be added to the dog food to make it delicious. But keep in mind that your dog's main meal is still dog dry food, so the ratio of dog dry food to other foods should be 3:1.

You can first cut the vegetables or fruits into pieces, and then mix them with the dog dry food well. And you can't just sprinkle other food on the surface of the dog dry food.

Before adding a vegetable or fruit, be sure to check if it is toxic to your dog. You can search for information online or call your veterinarian.

6. Add plain yogurt to dog dry food

You should choose fat-free, sugar-free yogurt and use only a small dollop of it. First, mix the yogurt and dog food evenly, so that each grain of dog food is coated with yogurt. Because such a mix can prevent the dog from licking off the yogurt on the surface and not eating the dog dry food underneath.

The probiotics in yogurt have different effects on the dog's gut. If you want to supplement your dog with probiotics, choose a specialized pet probiotic.

There is a similar effect on your dog in the yogurt if your dog cannot digest milk or has diarrhea as soon as he drinks it.

7. Sprinkle some herbs on a dog's dry food

Dogs also have taste buds, and most of the spices that humans use in their daily lives have many benefits for dogs. For example, oregano contains antioxidants, rosemary contains iron and fiber, and peppermint can aid digestion.

Be sure to wash and chop the herbs before adding them to dog dry food. You can also add sun-dried spices, but the smell of dried spices is not as strong as fresh, and the positive effects on your dog's health are not as pronounced.

In addition, spices such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, poly grass, white willow bark, horse Huang (ephedra), absinthe, yucca, and garlic should not be added to your dog's food.

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