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Freeze Dried Dog Food

As one of the professional freeze dried dog food brands, we have many flavors of premium freeze dried dog food, all kinds of meat, relatively rich, the dog owner to find out the dog like the taste of freeze dried products for the dog to eat. In addition to the different types of freeze-dried meat, some freeze-dried meat mixed with some vegetables. If your dog is a picky eater, you can also try to prepare some freeze-dried meat with some vegetable ingredients for your dog, so that in addition to the quality of the meat, you can also supplement the nutrition of some vegetables after eating the natural and organic freeze dried dog food.  

The dog's freeze dried meat is relatively hard, feeding method depends on the specific eating of the dog's body condition. If the dog's body is healthy, the teeth is better, the gastrointestinal development is better, you can give the freeze dried raw dog food, freeze dried pet food and freeze dried pet treat directly. We also offer freeze dried dog food bulk if you need!

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Suggestions of Feeding Pure Freeze Dried Dog Food

Instructions for use: 

  1. As the main food for feeding.  

  2. Mix with full price puffed premium freeze dried raw dog food in any proportion.  

  3. Add 2~3 times warm water to mix for a little soaking, then feed.  

Food change notice: 

Sudden food change will bring gastrointestinal discomfort to your pet, please use about 10 days to gradually change food.  Mix the premium freeze dried dog food with the original food and gradually increase the proportion of the premium freeze dried dog food until all the original food is replaced.

Recommended feeding amount:  

To feed as a comprehensive and balanced pet food:  

Recommended daily feeding for adult dogs


Scale of feeding(g)











  • The feeding amount of puppies, pregnant dogs and lactating dogs should be 1.5 to 2 times that of adult dogs of the same weight.  

  • The feeding advice is for reference only, and should be adjusted appropriately according to the actual conditions such as the dog's physical condition and exercise amount.  

  • Please provide your pet with enough clean water for drinking.  


Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Food

  • Favourable Palatability  

Freeze-dried dog food and freeze dried puppy food uses fresh meat ingredients, fresh meat after freeze-dried of the meat fragrance is more rich and delicious, palatability is excellent, can easily open the pet appetite.  

  • Rehydration

Freeze-drying technology extracts most of the water from food materials, and the original location of water storage becomes empty. Freeze-dried food becomes a dry, loose and porous structure, so it has very high rehydration.  With just the right amount of water, it can be quickly restored to a fresh and delicious ingredient in just a few minutes.  

  • Long shelf life, easy to store  

Freeze-drying technology removes most of the water in pet food, leaving no conditions for the growth of microorganisms and enzymes. Therefore, freeze-dried pet food, as a kind of high quality pet food, with fresh meat can be kept at room temperature for about 3-5 years without thawing, refrigerating or preservatives.  Buy N bags at a time to store at home, do not worry about the deterioration!  


How Is Premium Freeze Dried Dog Food Made?

Freeze-dried food is short for vacuum freeze-dried food, also known as FD food.  It is the process of freeze-drying frozen meat, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients in a vacuum.  In the freeze-drying process, frozen raw materials in the ice crystal water, do not melt into water, directly sublimate into gas, natural drying.  The whole drying process takes about 24 hours at low temperature, and only the water is drained, and the nutrients in the ingredients are better retained. It is a very careful and demanding process to ensure that the product is in a "fresh" state, and then into the packaging process.  


FAQ about Freeze Dried Dog Food

How much freeze-dried food do you feed a dog?

There is no fixed standard for how much organic freeze dried dog food dogs should be fed each day. There are age differences, breed differences, individual differences, etc. However, most dog food has a recommended amount of food, which can be fed according to the recommended amount. After all, each dog food has different materials and nutritional value.  

Is freeze-dried food healthy for dogs?

Organic freeze dried dog food is healthy and nutritious. After the vacuum freeze-drying made of freeze-dried meat, although lost water, but the delicious meat quality remains, nutrition is also relatively sufficient, dogs eat can meet the needs of a day of nutrition and energy.

Do you have to add water to freeze-dried dog food?

Dog owners should be careful when feeding their dogs freeze-dried food, which is suitable for dogs older than three months.  Freeze-drying in the feeding time can be soaked in water to feed, can also be directly fed, freeze-drying can be fed more methods, dog owners can choose feeding methods for dogs according to the situation of dogs. 

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