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Freeze Dried Pet Food & Treat Solutions For Cat

Freeze-dried raw cat food and treats are high-protein snacks made of raw food materials by vacuum freeze-drying. The production process of dried kitten food needs to be carried out at the ultra-low temperature of -40° C. General germs have been completely killed, and the finished products only need to be stored at room temperature.

Freeze Dried Cat Treats

Freeze Dried Cat Food Benefits

The original flavor and nutrition of the meat are retained. The nutrition of freeze dried raw cat food is high, the special freezing process is very good to retain the nutrition and flavor of the meat, the taste of the meat will be more rich after dehydration, for the palatability is good, generally will not add food attracants, which is very different from the cat canned.  The freeze-dried protein content is as high as 80%, and the water content is only about 5%. The freeze-dried kitten treats, as a kind of high quality pet food does not add any preservatives, and it can be kept for a long time.  Some of the packages are small and light, so it is convenient to carry them when you go out.

Freeze Dried Kittten Treats

Types of Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food

There are many types of freeze dried krill, multi-spring fish, salmon, tuna and other seafood products, as well as chicken, duck, cow, quail and other subdivided freeze-dried!  If you know what type of dry cat food for kittens you like, buy it directly.  If it's the first time, I suggest you buy a sample size of around 100g! 

Freeze drying of quail will give the cat a playful habit, and there may be quail carcasses under the couch or under the bed!  Freeze dried chicken or beef strips at an affordable price. Your cat will love it!  

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