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How Often Should I Feed The Dog Chicken Heart?

Although this is annoying, many dogs still beg for leftovers. They sit there waiting for you to throw them a piece of meat from the dinner table.

But how healthy or safe is it to satisfy the dog's desire for chicken offal?

This may seem like a nature documentary, but dogs are hunters and they never lose their sense of taste for raw meat.

Are Chicken Hearts Good for Dogs?

Although you may be disappointed by the prospects, chicken hearts are an excellent source of nutrition for your puppy.

Think about it. Dogs are basically domesticated wolves that have migrated for hundreds of generations. Which wolf do you think will only chew on the outside of the carcass? These chicken hearts may not suit your taste but for dogs, they will certainly suit their taste.

There have many benefits of chicken hearts for dogs. The freeze dried chicken hearts are rich in vitamin A, iron, and various vitamin B. But this is not all, freeze dried chicken hearts for dogs are an excellent source of taurine, which is a sulfamic acid and an important part of the protein.

Animal hearts, especially chicken and turkey, are lean protein. They contain essential fatty acids. And cooking or raw chicken hearts are good for your dog companion. Most veterinarians think that raw chicken hearts is better and more natural for dogs.

Any heating of the raw heart, whether on your own stove or in the canning process of a dog food processing plant, will reduce the nutrient content of the raw heart. There can be a problem with processed food. The processing itself affects taurine, making it difficult for your pet's metabolism to process.

Chicken is a relatively economical white meat, a good choice for your pet and yourself. In addition, you can also buy Chicken Hearts separately at a cheaper price from freeze dried pet food manufacturers. Cooking by yourself can alleviate people's concerns about canned processed foods.

How to Prepare Chicken Hearts for Dogs?

Chicken hearts for dogs, as a kind of freeze dried raw meat, can be made in several ways. You can cook chicken hearts for dogs by yourself. Use a small amount of oil to fry them until light golden brown, or just boil them like. You can make dehydrated chicken hearts for dogs by using a food dehydrator. No matter how you prepare, your puppy will love it. It's up to you to decide whether to incorporate these hearts into your pet's daily diet or use the chicken hearts as worthy dog treats.

Note that the veterinarian says that if the chicken heart includes more than five percent of the diet, you may have to deal with excess vitamin A. These consequences include a loose, runny stool, a major inconvenience for you and your pet. They also warn that the nutritional needs of dogs may vary based on their age, breed, and general health, so consult your veterinarian before making any major changes to their diet.

How Many Chicken Hearts Can A Dog Eat?

Hearts are organ meats. Like other organs such as the liver and kidney, they should be eaten by your dog in moderation. If your dog is active, 10% organ meat in the diet is okay. If your pet is very active, he can tolerate about 15%. If your pet is extremely overweight, you should limit your intake to less than 10%.

In Conclusion

So next time you want to eat a whole chicken, think twice before throwing away the little surprise package you find. You may not like the taste of raw heart, but your dog partner will definitely like it.

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How Often Should I Feed The Dog Chicken Heart

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