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What if the Dog is Picky Eater?

It is a very common phenomenon that dogs may be picky eaters. In fact, in most cases, the reason is that the owners are too indulgent towards them. Many owners will be very worried when they see that the dogs do not eat dog food, and will feed the dogs snacks and pot-stewed meat that some people eat.

Seeing the dog eating happily, the owner will also enjoy it very much. However, the food that people eat is more flavorful. Long-term feeding in this way will not only make the dog a serious picky eater, but also cause the dog to gain weight too fast, resulting in a series of diseases.

Loving a dog is not about pampering it blindly, but also keeping it healthy so that the dog can spend more time with you!

1. How to keep dogs from picking pet snacks

How to correct bad eating habits of dogs? Here are a few tips for you:

(1) Regular and quantitative feeding

Plan the feeding time and the amount of pets snacks every day, and control the feeding time to 10 to 15 minutes each time. If the dog doesn't eat it, it will be thrown away. This method requires the owner to be ruthless and resolute to complete the schedule, and don't pity it if it doesn't eat.

(2) Do more exercise

The owner can increase the amount of exercise of the dog. Taking the dog for more walks every day will increase the dog's consumption of energy, which will improve the dog's appetite. Coupled with regular and quantitative feeding, it will have a multiplier effect.

And when increasing the dog's exercise, it also increases the owner's exercise, which can help the owner lose weight!

(3) Combination of dry food and wet food

When feeding the dog, the owner should pay attention to the matching ratio of freeze dried pet treats and wet food. Feed the dog a mixture of dry food, supplemented by wet food.

Generally speaking, wet food has better nutrition and taste than dry food. The combination of the two can give dogs the most comprehensive care, and a reasonable proportion will not make dogs picky eaters.

If you love your dog, you need to keep it healthy. Reasonable diet planning will keep your dog in a healthy state and accompany us for a longer time!

2. How to ensure that the pet snacks are nutritionally balanced?

The most important thing to ensure a dog's nutritional balance is diet. If you manage your dog's diet, its body will naturally grow up healthily without malnutrition.

In life, there are many foods that can be fed to pet dogs, such as dog food, canned dog food and many other dog pet snacks. However, many owners will also make their own nutritious meals for dogs and choose their own ingredients to cook by themselves (according to the dog's requirements).

In fact, no matter how you feed your pet dog, as an owner, you have to spend a lot of thought on food preparation, and you should choose the most suitable freeze dried raw dog treats for your dog.

Buy according to the actual needs of the dog's growth, do not violate the principle of dog growth, and do not buy dog food to feed dogs in an irresponsible way.

Of course, if you are making pet snacks for pet dogs, the ingredients you choose should also be rich and varied, so as to better ensure a balanced nutrition and meet the needs of dogs.

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