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Advantages of Dry Cat Food

There are also many varieties of dry food on the market. Usually, there are dry foods for kittens, adult cats, neutered cats, and elderly cats. There are also some special symptomatic prescription foods. Cat owners can choose the food according to the cat's age and specific conditions.

1. How much dry cat food should a cat eat?

Kittens generally refer to cats under 1 year old, adult cats are cats between 1 to 7 years old, and cats over 7 years old are old cats. Usually, after the kitten is 6 weeks old, its stomach can gradually begin to digest solid food, so its food can gradually be switched to dry food.

Because the calorie requirement of growing kittens is about 3 times that of adult cats, kittens eat more than adult cats, so cat owners must choose suitable freeze dry cat food, otherwise, it will cause unbalanced nutrition in cats, resulting in incomplete development.

However, the stomach capacity of kittens is not large, so try to feed cats smaller meals more frequently. Before 6 months, cats eat six meals a day, but it costs a lot of money and time. Generally, it is at least 4 to 5 meals a day to ensure good absorption and good digestion.

What kind of food is the best to choose has always been a problem that has plagued many cat owners. In fact, as long as the food is acceptable to cats, has balanced nutrients, can be easily digested and absorbed by the body, and can help cats maintain steady weight growth during the kitten period, it is acceptable.

Therefore, the selection and change of food depend on the acceptance of the cat. Generally, there are some small packets of pet snacks for trial use. Cat owners can try to feed the cat first, and then decide which one is better. Expensive cat food is not always the best. The suitable one prevails.

Ensure that the cat can be nutritionally balanced. Generally, dry food is the main food, and canned food, fresh meat buns, freeze dried food, etc. are also available for diet regulation. Just choose according to the financial ability and cat's taste.

2. What are the advantages of dry cat food?

(1) Because dry food is relatively brittle and hard, cats will chew when eating, and it is not easy to form tartar.

(2) Compared with canned food, dry food is more affordable, and its service life is longer if it is stored properly.

(3) Due to the higher nutritional value per unit weight, under the same calories, cats will eat less dry cat food than canned food.

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