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Will Pets Have Parasites After Eating Freeze-drying Pet Snack?

Generally speaking, there are no parasites after eating qualified freeze dry meat, because qualified manufacturers will irradiate the meat before it leaves the factory. Unless the product is damaged during transportation, causing contamination to the product. Otherwise, there will be no parasites.

Moreover, there is plenty of protein in freeze dry pet food, which can meet the protein supplement that pets need in their daily lives. And the freeze dry pet food can be fed to adult pets.

However, it is not advisable to feed freeze dry meat to young cats and dogs. At this stage, their stomachs are fragile, and feeding freeze dry meat can easily cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Ⅰ. Soak freeze-drying pet snack in the water

Some small animals may like eating soft food, or they are weaker. At this time, it is not advisable to directly eat dry and hard freeze dry pet food. Pet owners can try to freeze and dry pet treats and then soak them in water so that small animals can enjoy the tender taste of meat.

The freeze dry pet food is made of fresh meat, so owners should pay more attention to the water temperature when soaking it, and do not choose too-hot water. Otherwise, the nutrition in pet freeze-drying will be destroyed.

Ⅱ. Grind the freeze-drying pet snack into powder

Occasionally, pets may have a poor appetite. At this moment, freeze dry pet treats can be ground into powder or tiny crumbs and added to your pet's other food. It can also be added to dog food, cat food, or stirred into pet porridge. Owners can prepare freeze dry pet treats in a variety of flavors.

Ⅲ. Make pets eat freeze-drying pet snacks directly

In fact, small animals can eat freeze dry pet treats directly. The size of freeze dry pet food is small pieces suitable for small animals to eat one by one, and the shape is generally square and large, and the taste is crispy and delicious.

If your pet wants to eat crispy snacks, you can feed it freeze dry pet food. Partial freeze dry pet food can be sealed in jars for easy access.

When the pet is exercising outside, the owner can take out the freeze dry pet food to reward it. For example, many dogs like to go out for walks, and dog owners can freeze the meat as a reward for their obedience. And dog owners can choose from several freeze dry meats and feed them alternately.

Ⅳ. Guide on the selection of freeze-drying pet snacks

1. Choose pure natural meat. Because this meat is freeze-dried without preservatives, the freshness, nutrition, and deliciousness of the meat can be reserved.

2. Choose freeze dry pet food produced by vacuum dehydration and physical pasteurization, as this type of pet food will not be added with preservatives.

3. Recommended flavors: chicken breast, duck, beef, salmon, chicken, mixed with fruits and vegetables, and diced egg yolk. These flavored foods are rich in protein and a variety of trace elements, which are good for your pet's health.

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