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Advantages and Nutritional Accounting of Pure Freeze Dried Dog Food

1. What is the difference between dehydrated and pure freeze dried dog food?

Freeze drying and dehydration are two techniques for protecting food. Both of these can remove most of the moisture and also reduce the ability of undesirable microorganisms to thrive. While you might think the final product would be very similar, there are big differences in both the process and the result.

Dehydration refers to heating pet food to 50-65°C to remove moisture from the food due to prolonged direct exposure to the warm environment.

This process cost higher than making freeze dried pet food, but the quality of the final product suffers. Dehydrated foods are exposed to higher temperatures, so the taste and dietary value of freeze dried products are higher in comparison.

Dehydrated foods can also take up to 24 hours to rehydrate. But freeze dried pet food only takes a few minutes because the water drains out of the water faster at a lower temperature.

Freeze dried pet food also retains more flavor and nutritional value, and it is much lighter in weight than dehydrated pet food.

2. How to choose pure freeze dried dog food?

Pure freeze dried dog food is easy to prepare and eat. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and prepare your dog's food as quickly as possible by simply mixing the right amount for your dog with just the right amount of water. This is very important for everyday life.

When you're choosing pure freeze dried dog food, it's also crucial to make sure you're choosing an item that's right for your dog and provides them with the nutrients they need. There are many items available for extra use, but they are not a complete dietary regimen for your pet.

Also, when you choose pure freeze dried dog food, check to see if it has enough healthy protein, fiber, and fat, and to make sure it is suitable for your pet's current life stage.

3. What are the advantages of pure freeze dried dog food?

It has many benefits for you and your dog, both in terms of convenience and dietary value. First, freeze dried raw dog food is considered the most nutritious option for your pet after fresh raw food.

The low processing temperature of pure freeze dried dog food is less likely to damage vitamins, protein, and important enzymes than the process of making traditional dog food.

Moreover, pure freeze dried dog food is very simple and convenient to make, and the weight is much lighter than traditional dog food. It also has a long lifespan and can last about 25 years in your pantry.

And compared to fresh raw dog food, the product takes up far less space and doesn't require refrigeration before preparation. It also reduces the risk of bacterial contamination during preparation.

4. Nutritional accounting of pure freeze dried dog food

So make sure you choose pure freeze dried foods that contain the right amount of healthy protein, fat, and carbohydrates to meet your specific pet's needs. When feeding various other regular foods of the day, it is necessary to consider the number of other foods to adjust.

Pure freeze dried dog food is an excellent food for feeding dogs, and sometimes the high cost of freeze dried dog treat may not make it a priority option for many people. However, it is certainly a good "backup" feeding plan when other fresh foods are not available because of their long lifespan when effectively refrigerated.

In general, older dogs need far less fat, while active, functioning dogs simply need more protein and carbohydrates.

5. Is pure freeze dried dog food a good choice for dog snacks?

Many dog owners are overly generous with their treats and feel guilty about causing their dogs to be overweight and picky. However, pure freeze dried dog food can solve this problem. Pure freeze dried dog food offers a special bonus for your dog. Because it's delicious and nutritious at the same time, even the pickiest of dogs will love it.

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