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How Old Can a Dog Be to Eat Freeze-dry Chicken?

Dogs can eat freeze dry chicken after 3 months of age. The protein contained in freeze dry chicken is very rich in nutrients. Freeze dry chicken is a good pet snack for dogs.

1. Puppies cannot eat freeze-dry chicken

Freeze dry chicken is not recommended for dogs under three months of age. At this time, the dog's stomach is fragile, and freeze dry chicken is a bit tough to digest for puppies.

If you feed freeze dry chicken directly to puppies, the dog may not be able to digest it properly and may experience vomiting and diarrhea.

Dogs who are more than three months old can be fed freeze dry chicken. However, when the dog owner feeds freeze dry chicken to the dog for the first time, he needs to feed it in small amounts, and then gradually increase the amount after waiting for the dog to adapt.

2. In general, direct feeding of pure freeze-dried dog food is appropriate

Generally, if dogs are more than three months old and in good physical condition, they can be directly fed freeze dry chicken. If the dog owner usually trains the dog and the dog is unwilling to cooperate, the dog owner can take out freeze dried chicken and give the dog one or two to eat.

After the dog's appetite is aroused, it will be dominated by the freeze dry chicken in the hands of the dog owner. The dog owner can wait for the dog to make the correct action before feeding the freeze dry chicken.

3. Freeze-dry chicken soaked in water is more digestible for dogs

If some dogs have a bad stomach, the dog owner can soak the freeze dry chicken in warm water and wait for a short while to turn the freeze dry chicken into a piece of watery meat.

It is easy for dogs to digest the freeze dry chicken soaked in warm water, and the dog's body can also replenish water from it, which is a great boon for dogs who don't like to drink water.

4. Freeze-dry chicken can be ground into powder and mixed with dog food

After eating the same taste of dog food for a long time, the dog may feel tired, so sometimes it becomes unappetizing and does not want to eat. At this time, the dog owner can take out some pure freeze-dried dog food, grind it into powder and mix it into the dog food.

Freeze dry chicken will be very fragrant after being ground into powder. Freeze dry powder-flavored dog food is a new taste for dogs. Dogs who are unwilling to eat will happily eat food with freeze dry chicken.

Freeze dry chicken has many benefits for dogs, and it should be fed according to the specific situation.

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