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Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Freeze-drying is vacuum freeze-drying. After processing, the nutrients of fruits and vegetables are hardly destroyed, and no additives or preservatives are needed.  Freeze dried vegetables and fruit for dogs can be eaten in season all year round.  Shelf-resistant, light and easy to carry, freeze-dried food is the best food for home travel and space (a large part of the products are freeze-dried products for astronauts in space), which can satisfy your hunger, satiate your stomach and provide nutrients.  

One kind of food many ways to eat, many delicious; You can eat it right away, you can soak it, you can boil it, stew it, fry it.  

Suitable for different seasons and different pets to choose to eat, if it is summer, pets can eat more, such as dragon fruit, banana, easy to digest the freeze-dried fruits such as freeze dried apple, if it is winter, pets can eat more: durian, such as warm and tonifying freeze-dried fruits, to eat more corn, beans and vegetables, can solve the problem of not eating fruits and vegetables.  

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How Can We Choose Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits for Pet?

Avoid foods that are toxic to your dog. Onions, leeks, nuts, avocados, etc. are all toxic to dogs. Don't give your dog too much cabbage as they can cause thyroid problems.  It is better to give your dog vegetables such as freeze dried sweet potato, potatoes and peas.  Potato skins are rich in nutrients and you can give them to your dog by grating them up, as long as they're not green, which can be toxic.  


Best Ways to Feed Pet by Using Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Dogs should eat 10% of their total fruit and vegetable intake each day. Some fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw are recommended to be fed directly to your dog such as freeze dried purple sweet potato. If you are worried that they will not be able to digest them, you can use a blender to break them up. Raw fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious.  If your dog still doesn't digest chopped fruits and vegetables well, steam them and give them to your dog.  It's best to feed your dog vegetables and fruits that are in season and as diverse as possible.


Health Benefits of Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits for Pet

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of water.  Dogs that eat dog food for a long time can easily become dehydrated.  Prolonged dehydration can lead to kidney problems or the formation of bladder stones.  

Fruits and vegetables can provide your dog with plenty of vitamins.  

Fruits and vegetables are rich in B vitamins, but they are deficient in VITAMIN B12 and vitamin B1, which are found in liver and eggs.  

Vitamin C and cofactors: Dogs can make vitamin C on their own, but they still need cofactors to help their bodies use it.  

Rich in vitamins A, E and K.  

In addition to vitamins, fruits and vegetables provide your dog with a rich source of minerals.  

Dark green vegetables contain some important minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.  

Vegetables such as alfalfa and seaweed are also good sources of minerals.  The roots of alfalfa go down 12 meters, and they can absorb enough minerals from the soil.  Algae can store minerals in the sea.  


FAQs of Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Are freeze-dried fruits and vegetables healthy?

Freeze Dried vegetables are the direct sublimation of solid water into a gas without damaging the original structure and retaining more than 95 percent of the original nutrients.

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