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Freeze Dried Pet Food & Treat Solutions For Reptile

There are more than 6,500 reptile species on the earth, and classifying and analyzing them will help us better understand the nutrition of reptiles and better feed them.  

Dried Tortoise Food

Why to Feed Bearded Dragon Dry Food?

Reptiles are poikilotherms. Their body temperature is determined by the ambient temperature, not their internal metabolism, and changes in ambient temperature affect their metabolic rate, which in turn affects energy requirements, exercise and digestion. They can be fed like freeze dried bloodworms.

Low calorie intake can lead to underweight and disease. Excess caloric intake can lead to rapid growth in early childhood and overweight and obesity in adulthood.  Reptiles kept in small cages or tanks and fed a high-fat diet, such as terrapins in small tanks, are also particularly at risk.  So we can feed them freeze dried tubifex worms.

Freeze Bloodworms

Benefits of Dried Tortoise Food

Freeze-dried insects, a kind of high quality pet food are a good way to avoid feeding reptiles caloric imbalances. Original insect shape and nutrients retained by lyophilized insects. Tortoise dry food such as freeze dried bloodworms can provide adequate protein and low fat. Because of freeze dried product has low moisture content, bearded dragon dry food can be stored for a long time.

Tortoise Dry Food

For example, a daily feed for terrapins can be fed three times a week and freeze-dried vegetables can be provided on other days of the week.  All captive reptiles are required to provide fresh water.  Freeze-dried insects and vegetables are well hydrated and can increase the amount of water that reptiles take in.

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