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What Do You Know about Dog Food Classification?

There are many types of dog food on the market, how to choose which dog food is suitable for your situation and your dog? The raw dog food supplier summarizes the five types of dog food that are currently common and analyzes their respective advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, let me explain the point. Dogs are omnivorous animals. Nutritional balance is very important. Nutritional balance is an important indicator to consider which types of pet food is suitable.

Dry food

Dry food

It is the most common dog food, similar to small biscuits. The dog food we generally refer to refers to dry food because it is the easiest to obtain. Depending on the brand, the dry food comes in different sizes and shapes. But overall, it feels like puffed food.


The price is relatively affordable, with a wide range of options, from cheap to expensive. Dry food is better preserved, pay attention to moisture and moth. Generally, it is enough to prepare a storage bucket with desiccant, which is very convenient to carry. Good dry food has been fully considered for nutritional balance, and the formula includes a variety of meat, vegetables, and other nutrients. Dry food is relatively easy to buy and can be bought in shopping malls, pet stores, and e-commerce. It can be eaten directly without additional processing, which is more convenient.


Dog Dry food generally have a higher carbon and water content. Although dogs are omnivorous animals, they still advocate higher protein content in foods, but definitely not the higher the better. Now the protein content of high-end dry food has met the standard. I see that the protein content in dry food is about 40%.

The biggest drawback of dry food is that many raw materials are mixed together, and you can't check whether one of the ingredients is OK. Therefore, there will be situations where big brands are recognized. Large companies will be better protected, but they still cannot be guaranteed 100%. This requires everyone to learn to understand the ingredient list on the packaging.

Wet food (canned)

It is mainly the canned dogs that are usually said, and it is also more common on the market and the types of dog food that are easier to obtain.


The palatability is better because it is direct fresh meat, the taste is much better than that of dry food, and it is also more fragrant, without the trouble of picky eating.

Many canned dogs have various types of meat and vegetables, and the nutritional mix is even. Of course, there are also pure meats, so it is not recommended to be fed as a staple food alone. Compared with dry food, canned dogs have lower carbon and water content and higher protein. Just like dry food, it is ready to eat and does not require other processing. It is heavier than dry food, but it is also more convenient.


The price will be relatively expensive, and the fat content in wet food is often higher, and the dog is easy to gain weight. There is often news that the meat used for wet food is not good, so it is also necessary to recognize the brand, the company.

Air-dry food

Small dried meat can achieve balanced nutrition, but pay attention to digestion issues. 


Air-dried grains are small dried meats. Generally, raw meat is directly used for air-drying, and the processing is less, which is closer to the raw materials. The dried food tastes harder, but it is also more fragrant (imagine beef jerky), and dogs generally prefer to eat it. The shelf life is relatively long, very light, and very suitable for carrying.


Expensive price: Some can achieve balanced nutrition, but still need to pay attention to the digestion problems of dogs.

Freeze-dried food

Lyophilized food refers to the rapid freezing of meat or other fresh food, then continuously vacuum drying under high pressure. The moisture contained in the fresh food is directly sublimated from ice to steam, and no liquid is generated in the process. At present, it is quite popular on the market and advocates that the nutrition of raw materials can be best preserved and the closest to the state of fresh food.


Freeze-dried raw dog food is the closest to raw meat, the least processed, In addition, the quality of freeze dried meat is generally high, which leads to the highest price of freeze-dried food to a certain extent. The palatability of lyophilized food is also relatively good, and dogs love it. It is very light and very suitable for carrying.


Good quality, the price is expensive.

Some freeze-dried foods do not fully consider the nutritional balance, and some may only contain meat, so you need to pay attention to the nutrient composition table. Because the water content is particularly low, it is best to add blisters before eating, otherwise, it may cause metabolic difficulties. It is recommended to buy freeze-dried dog snacks and dog food mixed to eat, reducing the cost, and can take into account nutritional balance and taste.

Homemade dog food

Main ingredients fresh and assured


You can buy good ingredients and feed them with different ingredients, and the ingredients are very fresh and safe! The palatability is good, and dogs generally like to eat.


Because dogs eat more and more complicated foods, they often don't match their own collocations very professionally, and they are likely to be nutritionally unbalanced. Over time, dogs may lack certain nutrients.

To make good dog food is actually not cheap. In fact, all kinds of dog food can be mixed and used, with dried meat or freeze-dried for small snack training, and occasionally make a big meal for dogs. These five are the most discussed dog foods on the market, and I hope they can help everyone.

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