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Why Is Freeze Dried Dog Food So Expensive?

Freeze-dried pet dog food is one alternative that provides a number of advantages of feeding raw minus the effort of preparing raw dog food.
But all for rather a significant additional expense.

What is Freeze-Dried Pet Dog Food?

Freeze drying dog food is literally the very best method in maintaining canine food securely with almost zero nutrient/ mineral loss. Extremely little warmth is needed to "sublimate" the liquid out of the food.
Freeze dried raw dog food is made similarly to high-tech astronaut food.

The exact same outstanding technology that makes tasty, light-weight, as well as shelf-stable meals for are astronauts is also used to make freeze-dried pet food.
Freeze-dried raw pet dog food usually consists of a combination of premium quality meat, bones, veggies as well as fruits.

The process of freeze-drying includes 3 actions. First, the food is iced up and also taken into a vacuum chamber. It's after that warmed at a low-temperature level and also the ice crystals evaporate straight right into steam, which is gotten rid of.

Lastly, the food is nitrogen secured so it can be saved without running the risk of contamination from oxygen or water.
The history of freeze-drying food such as pure freeze dried cat food goes back to the start of the 20th century. It's a procedure which has actually progressed for many years, from protecting plant and also pet tissue to creating military food distributions, space food, as well as a lot more recently - pet food.

What is the Distinction In Between Dehydrated as Well as Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Freeze drying out as well as drying out are 2 techniques of protecting food; removing most of the moisture web content reduces the capability of undesirable microorganisms to flourish.

While you may assume the resulting products would be really similar, there are big differences in both the processes and also the end results.
Dehydration is when the pet food is heated to temperatures of 120-150 levels Fahrenheit; the dampness in the food is gotten rid of as a result of prolonged direct exposure to warmth.

It's a cheaper process than freeze drying food, nonetheless, the quality of the final product is impacted.
Exposure to higher temperatures indicates the dehydrated foodsheds more of its taste and also dietary worth than the freeze-dried product.

It can likewise occupy to 24 hrs. to re-hydrate, compared to the freeze-dried variation which can take just mins.
Freeze-dried pet food is a much more light-weight product than dried pet food. It also keeps even more of its taste as well as nutritional value as the water is gotten rid of from it quicker and at a reduced temperature level.

Why Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food So Expensive?

Freeze drying out requires costly devices that consume a lot of power; these boosted expenses lead to a costlier item.
Furthermore, freeze-dried canine food normally contains higher quality food such as fresh beef versus rendered "beef secret meal".

Additionally, you need to consider that ice up dried out pet food has actually shed all of its moisture weight.
So although you might be getting just 14 ounces of freeze-dried food, when properly re-hydrated the final weight will be considerably a lot more.

How do I Utilize Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food?

Freeze-dried canine food is easy to prepare as well as serve.
Follow the manufacturer's directions and also blend the appropriate serving dimension for your canine with the right amount of water.
It is very important that the food is offered to your dog as quickly as it prepares. Any kind of leftovers must be cooled or disposed of. This is because it's possible for dangerous microorganisms to expand in warm, wet problems.

When you select freeze dried raw dog treats, it's crucial to ensure that the item you choose is suitable for your pet dog and will certainly provide them with the nutrition they need.
There are many items offered for extra usage which aren't a total diet regimen for your pet.

Inspect that there's sufficient healthy protein, fiber as well as fat, and also ensure that the freeze-dried item suffices for the life stage of your pet.
Bear in mind that while the freeze-dried item appears to be a much more costly option, you obtain what you spend for in terms of grain 'filler' cost-free and additive-free products, which are much better for your dog's wellness.

What Are The Advantages of Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

There are numerous advantages for you and also your pet dog, ranging from its convenience as well as dietary worth to just how simple it is to make use of.
First of all, freeze-dried raw canine food is taken into consideration to be the most nourishing choice for your pet after fresh raw food.
The low handling temperatures of the food are much less most likely to damage or damage vitamins, proteins, and also important enzymes than the heats used to make conventional dog food.

The quality of any type of continuing to be vitamins additionally decreases by around 50 percent if the traditional dog food is stored for 6 months at area temperature.
Freeze-dried pet dog food is very easy as well as convenient to prepare as well as is significantly lighter weight than conventional pet dog food. It also has a long life span; this item can last in your pantry for around 25 years!

This item uses up a lot less space than fresh raw pet food, as well as it does not call for refrigeration prior to preparation.
It also includes a reduced risk of bacterial contamination during prep work and also is much less unpleasant to feed to your pet dog.

What Are The Drawbacks of Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Apart from the high price, if you have worries about overfeeding your pet a raw diet as a result of virus worries that this kind of raw canine food isn't the best choice for you.
Due to the fact that this kind of canine food is not overly refined at high temperatures like traditional pet food, bacteria could be a concern at times.
Nevertheless, the levels of the germs will be a lot less than those found in fresh raw pet food.

Freeze dried raw dog food has an appearance like oatmeal that may not be as interesting pets that are used to crunchy food or fresh meat.
The taste is likewise somewhat various to fresh meat, although it preserves even more natural preference than dried canine food.

Tips for Picking the Right Types of Dog Food for Your Dog

There are 2 main sorts of freeze-dried pet food choices - one that has some "eat" or "attack" to it, and the other that is generally like "mush".
To get right to the point, we as well as our pets favor the type that still has to chew as well as the attack in it.

The pet treat manufacturer that is slushy and wet simply won't attract a lot of canines. Nevertheless, it may appeal or be a good choice for older pet dogs that have trouble chewing because of health and wellness or teeth problems.

Quality Components of Freeze Dried Dog Food

Look for freeze-dried food that has top quality healthy proteins along with other vital free ingredients such as Omega 3 fats, organ meat, fruits, and veggies.
Try to prevent big manufacturers from tool sized specialized makers that put more heart, initiative, and also love right into the foods they develop.
These smaller firms typically will utilize better meats that are fairly and also humanely raised.

Quality Components

Nutritional Account of Freeze Dried Dog Food

See to it you choose a freeze-dried out food that has the proper amount of healthy protein, fat, and also carbohydrates for your particular pet's requirements.
Freeze-dried pet dog food is an excellent food to feed your dog yet the high costs might not make it a functional choice for many.
Sometimes, supplementing your pet with freeze-dried pet dog food could be an option that stabilizes benefits, prices, as well as adding some variety to your canine's meals.

It would certainly be an excellent "back-up" dish plan when other sources of fresh food are not available because of its great life span when effectively refrigerated.
In general, older dogs require much less fat, while active, functioning canines require even more protein as well as carbohydrates.

Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food a Good Choice for Dog Treats?

Yes! It makes an exceptional reward for your canine. These deals are tasty, nutritious, and also preferred with even the fussiest of dogs!
It is necessary that you think about the number of treats you exchange that right into account when feeding the various other regular dishes for the day.
Numerous dog owners are guilty of being too charitable with their treat offerings leading to excessive weight along with picky consuming habits.

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