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Freeze Dried Pet Food & Treat Solutions For Aquarium

There are many kinds of ornamental fish, different kinds of ornamental fish a day feeding times are not the same.  Because the fish are more anti hunger, so can be fed once a few days, but so fed out of the fish grow up, the color is not good.  If you want your fish to grow well, feed them at least once a day, 2-3 times more.  

Freeze Dried Fish

How to Feed Freeze Dried Food for Fish?

Each time to feed the ornamental fish need to feed 70 percent full, the judgment is still the reaction speed of the fish after feeding the freeze dried pet food. Usually at the beginning of feeding, they will quickly approach the food and swallow it, and their reactions will slow down as they are fed more and more.  After being fed, the fish have little interest in the food.

Freeze Dried Food For Fish

Freeze Dried River Shrimp

What Kind of Dried Fish Food Should be Fed?

Fish are fed different diets because of their varied diets, but most fish can accept artificial diets, whether pellets or thin slices.  For some carnivorous fish, you can feed some small fish and freeze dried shrimp and other freeze dried food for fish, but must pay attention to disinfection, so as not to eat what the problem.

Dried Fish Food

If the feed is too much, there are some baits on the bottom, which will not only pollute the water, but also produce ammonia nitrogen after being decomposed by the microorganisms in the water, which is a kind of harmful material to fish.  So the residual bait must be cleaned up in time, usually when changing water can be pumped from the bottom, so that the residual bait and fish will be discharged.  

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