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What To Do If The Cat Vomits After Eating Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Freeze-dried cat treats are made from raw meat with bones and animal liver through low-temperature processing, which retains the original flavor and nutrition of the meat. Many cat food manufacturers use freeze-drying as a cat’s snack, but Some cats vomit as soon as they eat freeze-dried because the cat is too young or the way of feeding freeze-dried food is wrong. The cat will get tired after eating cat food for a long time. Cats will not eat if they are tired. Hosts need to spend more time making cats eat rich. Whether it is canned food, wet food, or freeze-dried, you can mix these delicious foods into cat food. it can attract cats to come and eat more.

Moreover, the taste of freeze-drying is relatively fragrant. Basically, no cats will not eat after smelling freeze-drying. Even cats who do not like cat food will eat freeze-dried cat food, so the cat owner does not need to worry again that cats will not be able to keep up if cats don’t eat cat food.

1. Pay attention to the age of cats when feeding freeze-drying

Freeze-drying is very nutritious, but not all cats can eat it. Freeze-drying is not recommended for cats under three months of age. After all, freeze-drying is pure meat. At this time, the cat's stomach and teeth are weak and cannot be digested, and cats vomit easily. Cats over three months old can be fed, but a small amount of feeding is required for the first feeding. After the cat's stomach adapts slowly, the lyophilized portion can be added slowly and appropriately.

2. Directly fed or mixed with cat food

If the cat is more than three months old, the cat can be fed directly by freeze-drying. When the cat is usually trained to shake hands, and the cat makes the correct action, you can take out the Freeze-dried Cat treats to reward the cat. Appropriate feeding of healthy pet treat can increase your relationship with you. Freeze-dried Cat treats can also be added to the cat's food and fed together with the cat's food so that the cat’s food is also delicious.

3. Drinking in water is easy to digest

If the cat's stomach is not very good, you can soak the freeze-dried in warm water and wait for the freeze dried raw food to soak before feeding it to the cat. Freeze-drying is originally crispy. After soaking in water, it will become a softer piece of meat. The meat contains water. Cats eating freeze-dried soaked in water can replenish some water. You do not have to worry about the problem that cats don't drink water all day.

4. Flour and mix with cat food

The freeze-dried bought cannot be soaked, so you can grind the freeze dried cat treats into powder. Because freeze-drying itself is very brittle, it can be pressed into a powder without too much effort. Mix the powdered freeze-dried into the cat food and stir evenly. After freeze-dried and ground into the powder, it tastes more fragrant. The cat has a sensitive sense of smell and will come out to eat when it smells the scent of freeze-dried cat treats.

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