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How to Choose Freeze-Dried Chicken for Cats?

For cats of the same breed, due to the differences in the living environment, geographical conditions, temperature difference, climate, and other conditions, food selection for cats must be cautious, which also has a great impact on cats' health.

Freeze-dried chicken breasts and duck breasts are equivalent to raw chicken breasts and duck breasts. Freeze dried chicken is so delicious for cats to refuse. The reason why cats like it crazy is that the freeze-drying process is carried out at low temperatures. The taste and nutrition of the freeze dried chicken for cats are retained to the greatest extent.

But there is still a difference between chicken and duck: From the appearance, raw duck meat is reddish, while raw chicken meat is white. Duck meat is thicker in fat, lean meat is softer, duck meat is darker in color, muscle fiber texture is thicker and clearer, and has more fat content; Chicken is lighter and whiter because of its low-fat content. The texture of the meat is finer and the fat content in the muscle is less. Duck has less water content and chicken has more water content, so cooked duck meat is chewier, while the chicken is smoother and tender.

The difference in taste: freeze dried duck has a unique bad taste of meat. The freeze dried chicken for cats just has a meaty smell.

Chicken contains phospholipids that play an important role in the growth and development of the body and is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipids in the diet of cats.

Chicken has a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, chills, fatigue, anemia, weakness, etc.

Those who have kittens must prepare some freeze dried chicken cat food because the kittens are too easy to accumulate food, their acquired spleen and stomach are very weak, they need to improve the gastrointestinal tract frequently, the kitten’s gastrointestinal tract is strong, and the body will be strong.

Freeze-Dried Chicken

Freeze-Dried Chicken

Selection of Freeze-dried Chicken:

1. Produced by regular pet food companies, Ranova freeze-dried pet food has a set of strict procedures for meat quality requirements such as stability and freshness;

2. Labeling of nutritional ingredients: The moisture content of freeze-dried chicken breast is <6%. If it is higher than 6%, it may not be produced by the drying process rather than the freeze-drying process. If the moisture content is too large, it will easily cause browning and mold during storage. Protein content annotation: crude protein ≥80%;

3. Color: the color of freeze-dried chicken breast is whitish; the color of freeze-dried chicken thigh and chicken neck is dark;

4. The amount of rehydration and the speed of rehydration: If the whole chicken breast is freeze-dried and then cut into pieces, the rehydration time is very fast. Generally, the rehydration rate is more than 5 times. If the rehydration rate is too high, there will be problems;

5. Smell the taste: In any case, freeze dried chicken breast is the smell of fresh meat. If it has the taste of cooked meat, there is roasted in the production process. High-temperature roasting denatures the protein, reduces the digestion and sales rate, and the rehydration time is long;

6. Product bulk density: For chicken breast produced by the pure freeze-drying process, after the moisture in the meat is sublimated, it must retain complete air bubbles and the bulk density will be low. In the drying process, most of the bubbles burst, and the bulk density is much larger;

7. Look at the texture: the texture is clear and recognizable.

8. Irradiation: The freeze-drying process is carried out at low temperatures, which cannot effectively kill parasites and parasite eggs, nor can it effectively inactivate possible E. coli, Salmonella, etc. Only irradiation can kill eggs and harmful bacteria, and generally, 2.5kGy irradiation is sufficient according to EU standards.

Notes for giving freeze-dried chicken to cats:

1. Try not to eat more chicken. Cats with bad breath, dry eyes, and tears are recommended to choose duck meat.

2. Unbalanced nutrition of freeze-dried chicken breasts:

(1)As a snack reward, it is still very good. If it is fed to kittens in large quantities as a staple food, it is not appropriate, because chicken breast contains less calcium and more phosphorus. For every 100 grams of freeze-dried chicken, you need to add 2-3.5 grams of calcium. The calcium to phosphorus ratio reaches the golden ratio of 1.2-1.5:1.

(2)The protein content is unbalanced, the crude protein is high and the fat is low, and too much protein that exceeds the nutritional needs will be converted into energy, which will increase the metabolic burden of the liver and kidneys. For cats, the energy provided by proper fat is more appropriate.

(3) Unbalanced vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc.

3. The daily feeding amount should be appropriate.

Ranova can provide freeze dried chicken for cats at a suitable price, please come and buy it.

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