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Classifications and Functions of Pet Snacks

Speaking of pet snacks, people who like to raise pets will think that they are only for pets. In fact, pet snacks are not only for pets to eat. There are many types of pet treats, and many relative functions.

Pet snacks include beef, mutton, fish, rabbit, donkey, etc., rich in a variety of nutrients and suitable for the nutritional needs of various pets such as freeze dried shrimp. Today, let's learn about the types and functions of pet snacks!

Ⅰ. Teeth cleaning and chewed pet snacks

It can effectively exercise the pet's jaw chewing ability, grind the pet's teeth, and prevent dental calculus. Chewed pet treats can also be used as toys to prevent pets from biting things at home. Mouth cleaning after meals is also a major event in pet life. 

After eating, a lot of food residues are left in the gaps between the teeth, which will make the pets feel that their teeth need to be cleaned. Pets with unhealthy teeth will become less and less fond of eating after old age, and their nutrition will not keep up, resulting in weaker bodies. And they are more likely to leave us behind.

Ⅱ. Meat pet snacks

Our freeze dried meat wholesale as meat snacks are high-quality pet snacks with a moisture content of less than 14%. The Lonno meat piece series of snacks contain a very high amount of meat, and the original meat flavor ensures that the product per unit weight can contain more nutrients and at the same is more chewy.

When the pet is enjoying the delicacy of these jerky, its teeth will completely enter into the freeze dry meat for dogs and stick to it, and then achieve the effect of cleaning the teeth by chewing it for many times.

It works like flossing the teeth. And the delicious and tough taste of jerky makes pets willing to spend more time chewing.

As a result, the cleaning time is also longer, ensuring a better cleaning effect, reducing the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus, making the pet's breath fresh, and there will be no unpleasant bad breath when approaching.

Ⅲ. Deodorant biscuits for pet snacks

Deodorant biscuits like the freeze dried yogurt cube can effectively clean pet's mouth, protect teeth and remove bad breath. And it can make your pet's excrement and body odor significantly improved until it finally disappears.

The nutrition of deodorant biscuits for pet snacks is often more comprehensive and balanced, which can make your pet take in more balanced nutrition and develop better. At the same time, it can also help to digest, improve appetite and immunity.

Cookies are also a good helper when training your pet. Deodorant biscuits can be used as a reward when pets perform the specified behavior well.

Ⅳ. Wet food pet snacks

1. High water content, wet food helps pets hydrate.

2. During the food change period, the pet's feed intake is low, and wet food can help them to eat.

3. The temperature is high in summer, and pets do not like to eat. Add wet food pet snacks can help them eat.

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