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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

First of all, the freeze dried pet food manufacturer answer you affirmatively, dogs can eat eggs. Appropriate feeding of dog eggs can allow dogs to obtain more high-quality nutrients and help their healthy growth! How to eat eggs correctly is the key to safe and effective nutrition. What are the nutrients in eggs? Eggs are one of the complete sources of amino acids, and amino acids are a component of protein, an important nutrient needed for the growth of dogs. In addition, eggs are rich in: vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, fatty acids, etc. The egg shell contains calcium.

Can dogs eat egg whites?

One of the reasons why many owners are warned not to feed their dogs' eggs is that the enzyme inhibitors contained in the egg white can hinder digestion, and the egg white contains a biotin inhibitor called Avidin. The concern is that they interfere with digestion, especially in young and old animals.

This is true, but it only means that eggs should not be the main food in a dog's diet. As long as you provide a balanced and fresh diet when feeding your dog's eggs, Ranova freeze dried pet food, for example, you will not put him in danger. In fact, it is absolutely safe to feed an average dog a few eggs a week. You can start by feeding only one egg to the dog. If you do not see signs of indigestion, then he should not have any problems adding eggs to his diet.

Ranova Freeze-Dried Pet

Ranova Freeze-Dried Pet

Will feeding egg whites cause a lack of biotin in dogs?

Egg white, as a kind of high quality pet food contains avidin, a biotin inhibitor. Biotin is one of the B vitamins. This is important for dog cell growth, fatty acid metabolism, and healthy skin and hair. However, biotin deficiency is very rare. Only eating a lot of eggs will cause insufficient food.

Do eggs contain salmonella?

Your dog is actually capable enough to deal with bacteria in freeze dried raw dog treats...In addition, proper storage and selection of organic eggs can keep harmful bacteria within a certain range.

Don't forget the eggshell at the end!

If fed with eggshells, this can almost become a complete food chain for dogs to obtain nutrients, and the eggshells are rich in calcium. Eggs contain 55mg/100g of calcium, duck eggs are 71mg/100g, and eggshell powder is 37000mg/100g, much higher than eggs or duck eggs. It is very valuable for dogs (such as puppies or elderly dogs) that have difficulty eating bones. You only need to clean the eggshells, dry them and bake them in a pan until they are dry, crush them into powder with a rolling pin and mix them with dog food.

Eggs are cheap, easy to obtain, and an important source of nutrition for dogs. The overall health benefits of eggs must outweigh the risks. But it is important to remember that many eggs are sprayed with chemicals to make them look shiny...Therefore, it is best to obtain eggs from local organic farmers.

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