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Advantages of Dry Dog Food

Since the advent of dog food, it has been more than 100 years ago. There are many kinds of dog food. Modern dog food can be divided into three types: dry dog food, wet dog food and fresh food.

According to the order of appearance of dog food, the first dog food to appear is dry dog food, and fresh food has only emerged in recent years.

If the three types are ranked according to dog's preferences and tastes, dog's favorite food is fresh food, followed by wet dog food, and finally, dry dog food.

Diversified fresh food can solve the problem of dogs being particular about food. Wet dog food can meet the dogs' needs for meat. dry dog food seems to be the same, and dogs will feel disgusted after eating it for a long time. After all, it is dry and tastes the same as always!

To a certain extent, the emergence of fresh food means that people have begun to pay attention to the healthy diet of dogs. When pursuing healthy dog breeding, it can be found that dog owners are increasingly rejecting dry dog food. There are also a large number of remarks pointing to the disadvantages of dry dog food.

In the following content, we will take you to re-understand the advantages of dry dog food. Dry dog food is not full of disadvantages.

1. Which rumors about dry dog food are false?

Rumor 1: The palatability of dry dog food is poor and cannot meet the needs of taste and chewing? Fake.

Many owners are worried that freeze dry dog food cannot meet the needs of the dogs on taste and chewing, and worry that the dog will not have the pleasure of chewing when eating dry food, so they will choose to feed the dog on fresh food or meat, thinking that dogs can eat happily in this way.

In fact, when the dog eats dry dog food, it can play a role in teeth grinding, which saves the owner's time to help the dog brush its teeth. Dry dog food is also crunchy and can satisfy dogs' need for chewing, even if dogs swallow it without chewing.

Rumor 2: dry dog food is not easy to digest and may cause gastrointestinal diseases? Fake.

In recent years, many dogs have been troubled by gastrointestinal diseases, such as indigestion, intestinal obstruction, gastroenteritis, etc., which are very tormenting diseases. The dogs themselves are suffering, and it is very difficult to heal.

The key cause of gastrointestinal diseases is the diet. At the same time, dog owners will ask if it is caused by dry dog food?

In terms of digestion, dry dog food is relatively easy to digest. When the dog food enters the dog's stomach, it will begin to decompose and soften, so there is no problem with indigestion, and the possibility of gastrointestinal diseases is smaller.

Rumor 3: The nutritional value of dry dog food is low and cannot meet the needs of dogs? Fake.

There are many types of dry dog food. If dog owners choose the right dog food, then it is a food with extremely high nutritional value. According to the different physical needs of dogs at different stages, dog owners must be flexible in choosing dry dog food as pet snacks.

Choosing the right dry dog food can be said to be twice the result with half the effort. If dog owners don't know their dog's physical conditions, they can go to the veterinary hospital to check and ask the veterinarian to advise on which nutrients to supplement for their dogs.

2. What are the advantages of dry dog food?

Since dog food is specially tailored for dogs, the selection of materials and ingredients should meet the physical needs of dogs as much as possible, so most of the ingredients in dog food are necessary for dogs.

The first one is the nutritional value. The nutritional content of dry dog food is actually very uniform, and it will not focus heavily on a certain one. This is the advantage of dry dog food.

If dog owners compare dry dog food with other types of dog food, they will find that dry dog food is superior to other types in terms of preservation and convenient to feed, and it can save owners a lot of time.

It has to be mentioned that the price of dry dog food is much lower, at least lower than that of wet dog food and fresh food.

If dog owners want their dog to be healthy, they can't ignore dry dog food. Don't be short-sighted, thinking that dry dog food has many shortcomings and refusing to choose dry dog food. Besides, some of the shortcomings of dry dog food can be overcome, which should also be an advantage.

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