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Will Pets Grow Parasites When Eating Freeze-Dried Snacks?

Freeze-dried pet treats do not have parasites, some pet owners have this concern, maybe because the raw material for freeze-dried pet snacks is raw meat. Although freeze-dried pet snack is made from raw meat, after a series of processing procedures, such as vacuum drying and freezing, it is not to worry about parasites, can not only eat but also eat in different ways.

1. Freeze Dried Pet Treats Soak Water to Eat

Some small animals may like to eat soft food, or their bodies may be weak, it is not appropriate to eat dry food. Pet owners can try freeze dried dog snacks to their pets by soaking them in water to soften them so the animals can enjoy the tender flesh. Since the pet is made of fresh meat, the owner should pay attention to the water temperature when soaking in the water, do not choose too high-temperature water, or the nutrition in the food will be destroyed.

Ranova Freeze-Dried Pet Snack

Ranova Freeze-Dried Pet Snack

2. Freeze Dried Pet Treats Ground Into Water

Sometimes, pet owners may experience a situation in which a pet suddenly doesn't eat properly. At this time, Ranova freeze-dried pet snacks can be ground into tiny grains and added to the pet food. Pet snack can be added to dog food or cat food or mixed into your pet's porridge. If you have a dog at home, you can ground the freeze-dried snack into powder and add it to your dog's diet.

3. Eat Freeze Dried Pet Treats Directly

In fact, the freeze-drying of pets itself can be eaten directly by small animals. Pet freeze-dried treat' s size is suitable for small animals to eat by bite, the general square block, taste very delicious. If your pet wants a crunchy snack, it's a good idea to enjoy the crunchy freeze-dried treats. For example, many dogs like to go out for a walk, and dog owners can choose several kinds of freeze dried meat as a reward for their obedient dogs and feed them alternately.

4. Guide to Freeze Dried Pet Treats Selection

(1) Choose pure natural meat, freeze-drying without preservatives, so as to lock the freshness, nutrition, and deliciousness of the meat.

(2) Choose freeze-dried foods that are vacuum dehydrated and physically pasteurized so that no preservatives are added.

(3) Taste recommendations: chicken breast, duck, beef, salmon, chicken + fruits and vegetables, diced egg yolk.

Ranova pet snacks of these flavors are rich in protein and micronutrients, which are good for pet health. As a leading pet treat manufacturer in China, we provide various freeze dried pet food/treat, including but not limited to freeze dried pure meat treat like freeze dried chicken, freeze dried beef, etc.; freeze dried mixed treat like freeze dried beef+fish+cranberry, freeze dried lamb+fish+spinach, etc.; freeze dried cat food like freeze dried kitten food (chicken+salmon recipe) and freeze dried dog food like freeze dried dog food (chicken+salmon recipe). If you have any interest in any of  products related to pet food/treat, welcome to visit our website to view more and contact us at any time if you have any question.

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