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Freeze Dried Cat Food

As one of the professional freeze dried cat food brands, ten years of freeze-drying craftsmanship, to preserve the nutrition and taste of natural fresh meat, to retrace the original ingestion experience, and activate the natural instincts of the cat as a predator. More than 97% high meat content, more than 47% protein, to coordinate with organic fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of trace elements, to provide comprehensive balanced nutrition, and arouse cute pets healthy vitality! Protect the true love, committed to delicious; Ranova is you and your cat's affectionate first choice.

Freeze dried raw cat food preserves the color, smell, appearance and nutrition of its ingredients, because of freeze-dried technology, without the need for food phagostimulant to attract cats.  

Freeze dry cat food is high in protein content and mainly consists of pure meat such as chicken and beef, which can meet the development needs of cats.  The texture of frozen cat food such as freeze dried kitten food is relatively hard, which prevents large amounts of food residues from adhering to the cat's teeth and reduces the probability of dental calculus. Pure freeze-dried cat food is made of pure meat and does not contain grains, so there is no need to worry about its high carbohydrate content affecting the digestive function of the cat.  In addition, freeze-dried cat food can be fed in warm water, so there is no need to worry about the lack of water.  

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Freeze Dried Cat Food Benefits

The freeze-dried cat food nutrition is high, the special freezing process is very good to retain the nutrition and flavor of the meat, the taste of the meat will be richer after dehydration, for the cat palatability is good, generally will not add food attractants, which is very different from the cat canned.  The freeze-dried protein content is as high as 60%, and the water content is only about 5%. The freeze-dried cat product, as a kind of freeze dried pet food, does not add any preservatives, and it can be kept for a long time.  Some of the packages are small and light, so it is convenient to carry them when you go out.  


How to Feed Freeze Dried Cat Food?

Answer: There are many different ways to feed freeze-dried products. Here just listed some advice.

1. To feed the snacks to the pets directly.

2. Putting the snacks into the water to restore the fresh meat, then feed the pets.

3. To mix them with the main food to enhance the palatability of the food.

Usage Scenario:

A. If the pets are sick, the freeze-dried pet treats can be accompanied with the medicine to feed the pets. You will get a very good effect!

B. If the pets don't like to drink water, just mix the Freeze-Dried with water, it will help you too much!


FAQ about Freeze Dried Cat Food

Is freeze dried cat food better?

In recent years, freeze-dried pet snacks can not only be used as training reward snacks, but also as nutritional supplement snacks.  

The production process perfectly retains the nutrients in fresh meat, high protein, low fat, low starch, perfect solution to the risk of pet cat food  


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